Tissue Paper Flowers and Leaf Prints

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Tissue paper flowers and leaf prints are a nice winter project. While the chilly wind is blowing and tiny snow flurries dance outside the window this makes a nice indoor craft.

In this article, we are going to look at some ideas for tissue paper flowers and leaf prints. You will need a flower making book, white tissue paper, paint, a paintbrush, plain computer paper, shears and the basic supplies listed in the book to make leaves and flowers however, all of the leaves and flowers can be made using white tissue paper. You will also need a poster board in a color of your choice.

The first thing you are going to do is choose which leaves and flowers you want to make. Then make the leaves and flowers using any color tissue paper you have it will not make a difference because the paint will determine the final color of the prints. You will need to make several of each because you are going to use one leaf or flower per print.

The next thing you are going to do is spread some old newspapers on the table or a flat firm surface. Next, place your poster board on top of the newspapers.

You are going to paint an area big enough for the leaf or flower then place the leaf or flower on top of the paint and press and hold it for a few minutes then remove the flower or leaf. When you remove the leaf or flower, you will have a nice print. Once you have made all the prints you want you will need to decide what you would like to do with them next.

Let us look at some ideas of how you can present and even decorate your prints. You have the option of leaving the prints on the poster board as a collage this looks nice if you were able to do the prints without smudging the paint to badly and if all your flowers and leaves came out nicely in other words if you got enough paint on the poster board for each print every time.

You can also cut out the prints and arrange them on another poster board (you can cut it down to the size you want or even into a shape you like such as a big leaf or even a tree.) If the prints are small enough you can pick up a picture frame at a dollar store and arrange them in the frame.

You may also want to add a few other decorations to the prints. You may consider items that remind you of fall such as pine cones, scarecrows, acorns, or any item that you like that comes in sticker, stamp or as a small foam shape to add a little extra flair to your tissue paper flowers and leaf prints project.

Special Halloween Holiday Ideas Using Crepe Paper

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With Halloween just a few weeks away, we thought we would take a look at some special holiday ideas using crepe paper and using Halloween as our theme for this article.

Crepe paper was a fantastic invention for crafters there are so many things you can make with crepe paper you are really only limited by your own imagination. So, let us take a closer look at some special holiday ideas using crepe paper for Halloween.

Crepe paper flowers are the most popular item made with this type of paper and you can make any kind of floral arrangement you would like to decorate your home for the holiday. A nice paper flower arrangement you might like is an arrangement that is filled with colorful flowers and keeping with the Halloween spirit you may consider using orange, tan, black, red, and even a little yellow as not to forget the most beautiful season of all, fall.

The type of flower that you use is not as important as the colors and how you arrange and accent them. If you love, roses or carnations use those flowers. Just be sure to stick with the Halloween colors. A few great container ideas include a plastic pumpkin, caldron, a glass jar you can decorate with a black piece of crepe paper to create a cape, or you can use a wide glass or plastic vase, fill the sides with regular size candy bars, and place your crepe paper flowers in the center.

Now, let us look at a few craft ideas using crepe paper for Halloween. A great idea that can also be used in the classroom is a crepe paper bat it is very easy to make you need a piece of crepe paper, glue and shears. Fold the black piece of paper in half and when you unfold it, you will have a body. Use another much smaller piece of this black paper for a head you can make it any size you want decorate the head with eyes, nose, mouth or anything you would like then glue it on to the body. Next, you want to use your shears to cut little U shapes on the bottom of the bats wings. Be sure to leave a point in the center of the body before you start cutting the paper to make the wings. If you would like you, can cut a small hole with a whole puncher in the top of the bats head, thread some black yarn through it, and hang it.

Another quick and easy crepe paper Halloween decoration you can make is a mask. You will need an assortment of colored crepe paper and a piece of yarn to thread through the mask and tie in the back so it stays on your face. You will need a hole puncher to punch the holes and yarn as well as shears and markers to decorate the face mask. You can make a mouse face, kitty face (do not forget the whiskers), spider mask you will also want some black fur (craft store) and for a fairy mask you will need some glitter. The directions for making these are very simple find a pattern online and cut the mask out according to the size of the upper face it will cover and decorate it!

Special Halloween holiday ideas using crepe paper is easy to think of, all you need to do is look through a magazine or look at the items for sale in the store the next time you are shopping and just go to it you can make whatever you want too!

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