Make Paper Flower Garlands for Your Home

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A paper flower garland is a chain of flowers all hooked together to form a floral chain. It can be as simple as the daisy chains we made as children, or as elaborate as you would like it to be all you need to do is make some of your paper flower designs and hook them together.

We do not know when garlands became part of the home décor. Maybe we should look at the early days of humans. A Neanderthal burial included a covering of flowers for the deceased. It does not take much to imagine Mrs. Caveman hanging a flower garland to brighten the mouth of the cave.

Paper flower garlands are easy to make and can be used as swags over doorways and windows to give the home a fresh floral sense. You could also use these paper garlands of flowers to decorate your staircases, too. Making a paper flower garland is an easy way to change the look of a room for holidays through out the year, or to dress up your all your entertainment space when it’s party time.

You need not limit yourself to paper flowers as you make garlands. Add ribbons, lace, and lots of foliage for a full, elegant look.

Whatever colors and types of paper flowers you may use for your garland, give some thought to how the paper flower garland will be looked at. Wisteria is a natural for a garland. We used the wisteria in one of the projects of the month so if you get our newsletter you should have the pattern and instructions. 

The easiest way to make a paper flower garland is to buy an artificial leaf type garland and wrap the wire stem of your paper flowers onto the stem of the purchased garland in a pretty arrangement of flowers.

When making paper flower garlands you can use a small rope or clothesline rope as the main stay for your garland. Cover the rope or whatever you use for the base with green crepe paper and wrap the same as you would a flower stem. Now you will need to make your paper flowers and leaves add them along with some other foliage and other things you may want to add to your garland such ribbon or lace and secure them to the covered base with wire. 

This will make a great looking floral decoration for your home decor. Make paper flowers for any flower decoration that you might wish to use for your home to give your home some life.

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